Everyone knows that sports and exercise are good for our bodies, but it does more than improve our physical health. It reduces our risk of getting diabetes, cancer, and even heart disease. It helps us sleep better and improves our mental health. Because exercise is so vital to us, it’s important to make physical fitness a part of your life regardless of age. In fact, a lifelong exercise program like CrossFit is the safest way to help us live and thrive in our golden years.

Sports and Exercise for Kids

Physical fitness and exercise like CrossFit are good for you no matter how old you are. It helps children perform better in school, and it increases their brainpower as they age. Sports and exercise reduce their risk of becoming overweight and having high blood pressure and cholesterol as adults.

Most children get enough activity on their own while they’re young. They run, jump, climb, play, and more. They have tons of opportunities to get their exercise every day. As long as they are encouraged to play for at least an hour a day, they will build endurance to aerobic activity. Daily play will also improve your child’s strength and flexibility. Having trouble getting your kids motivated to move? Bring them to Constant Quest and try some of the following:

  • Limiting screen time
  • Turn off the TV
  • Exercise with them (Wait till you meet the CrossFit family!)
  • Cook healthy meals as a family

Kids, toddlers to teens, should be getting an hour or more of sports and exercise per day. It should be moderate to vigorous. For preschool-aged kids, aim for 120 minutes of a combination of free play and adult-led activities.

Sports and Exercise for Adults: Maintaining Stamina and Energy

Beginning in our 20s, our bodies are strong and resilient. This is the perfect time to build a physical fitness foundation. Make exercise part of your lifestyle, getting at least 30 minutes of high-intensity training, five days a week. Creating good habits now will make maintaining stamina and energy so much easier as you go into your 30s and beyond.

In your 30s, you’ll begin to slowly lose bone and muscle strength, so it’s time to include strength training into your routine. Enroll in our CrossFit classes to start weightlifting, and make sure that activities that support your weight are part of your routine. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with different types of workouts to stay excited about your physical fitness.

From ages 40 to 50 is the most critical time to have an exercise routine. Our bodies begin to decline naturally at middle age. Muscles being losing mass and elasticity, and our metabolism slows, making it easier to gain weight. Both men and women begin to notice a decrease in hormonal levels, so make sure you exercise frequently to combat these changes.

Sports and Exercise for Seniors: Maintaining Mobility and Strength

As we enter our senior years, we may start noticing some extra aches and pains. Don’t let this stop you from exercising. In fact, this is the best to adapt to a new routine and try some low-impact activities. Focus on strengthening your core to combat the body’s natural tendency to lean forward. Focus on preventing falls by continuing weekly aerobic exercises. Use resistance bands to keep muscles strong and continue to do balance exercises to avoid falls. Take extra time to warm the body before beginning and remember to stretch and lengthen every day to maintain flexibility.

Starting yesterday was the best time to begin an exercise routine, but the second-best time is now! Call us at 317-605-7146 to talk about our variety of classes for all ages, including the KIDS CrossFit program. Our trainers can’t wait to welcome you to the gym-ily!