Nathan Alexander

Owner, CrossFit Level 1

My name is Nathan Alexander. I started CrossFit in 2012 after watching highlights of the Games. It motivated me to try, and then fully implement, CrossFit methodologies in my fitness routine. I began with no equipment, doing only bodyweight movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and sit-ups. I also ran a lot but, like most of you, it’s not my favorite thing! I invested in a barbell and some kettlebells growing my garage gym bit-by-bit. Like all our coaches, I have completed the CrossFit L-1 Certificate Course. Constant Quest was the first CrossFit box I ever worked out in and I fell in love with the community instantly. Since I acquired the affiliate, I strive to make our gym the best in Hendricks County. Having grown up in Danville, I’m excited for the opportunity to grow of our community.

Rachel Clark

CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids

My name is Rachel Clark, & I live with my sweet dog Dakota in Avon. When I’m not at the gym, I work as a nanny for three wonderful children! I have spent many a day playing sports, lifting in a gym, going for a run, water skiing, and playing ultimate frisbee. I joined a CrossFit gym in Illinois in Jan 2014. I loved the training, potential for growth, and the wonderful people there and I was hooked, knowing this community was the place for me! When I moved back to Indiana in June 2014, Seth and Emily Nichols, longtime friends from church, invited me to come and workout with them at their garage gym. I soon began competing with Seth & Emily and decided to expand my love for fitness by getting my CF-L1 coaching certificate. I went to the CrossFit Level 1 seminar in April 2016, and continued by education by becoming certified in CrossFit Kids in February 2017. Today I program and coach the CrossFit Kids Classes and love watching the kids’ excitement for learning and being active.

Michael Williams

CrossFit Level 1

I’m 43 years old soon to be 44 and have been working out at Constant Quest since August 2017. I started CrossFit at the same time. I’ve always worked out starting in high school. I’ve played baseball, basketball, football, swimming, ultimate frisbee, track, triathlons, and running events. I grew up in Danville and live between Danville and Pittsboro with my wife (Myia), daughter (Kendall), and my son (Jackoby). Kendall started at Constant Quest in April 2018 and she is mentally and physically stronger. She is part of our 5:15 AM crew. Jackoby has started strength and conditioning at Constant Quest this year and is having s blast. I think that fitness is a journey and you are never on the finished stage. You always have room for improvement which is a great motivator to strive to be better each day. Just show up regardless how motivated you feel and you will end up having s great workout and a good day. I feel that everyone is at a different level and that is why CrossFit is so great. You can have 10 people doing the “WOD” and they could all be at different fitness levels. At the end of the workout everyone competed and walks away with a great since of accomplishment and a great workout whether they scaled the workout or Rx’d the workout. Since becoming a coach at Constant Quest I’ve got to know the members at a different level. I love to help them figure out something new or break a PR. Watching them reach their goals is my favorite part of coaching. It is great to see someone say they can’t do something and telling them just give it a shot. When they finish the workout and they knocked it out of the park they are so pumped. I love it.

Jenny Redman

CrossFit Level 1

My name is Jenny Redman and I have been doing CrossFit since Jan of 2014 when my husband Jonathon dragged me to a class with him. I was hooked! I fell in love with CrossFit and it’s community and haven’t looked back. I was an athlete growing up, I played basketball and was always an active kid and I’ve tried lots of workouts, classes and home programs but nothing ever stuck until I found CrossFit. It’s so challenging yet scalable, every workout is different, and it’s so much fun! I love any movement with a barbell and Olympic Lifting has become my absolute favorite! Especially Snatches! I have been with Constant Quest for a little over 2 years now. I love this gym and it’s community! I’ve met so many amazing people here and love working through movements with them, helping them reach their goals, seeing them PR or do something they didn’t think they could do… so it seemed natural for me to move into a coaching role. I got my CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in December 2018 and became a coach in January 2019! #iovedogs #snatchlikejenny