Kevin Hollinger

1. When and how did you get started in CrossFit? How long have you CF? I got started in CF when I was cleared medically in late June of 2017. CQ was located right down the street and I knew I needed a lot of direction to get back in shape. So I thought I would give CF a chance.

2. Tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Indiana but moved around a lot as a kid due to my dad also being in the Army. We settled in Chicago when I was 9. I joined the Army in November of 1998 and have been stationed or deployed all over the world. I have 3 children (ages 16,11, and 4).

3. Favorite movement or workout? My favorite movement is the snatch, unfortunately I’m horrible at it and some days I struggle to snatch my age, but it is a ton of fun and rewarding when it comes together because of how hard you have to work to get it right.

4. Least favorite movement or workout? Burpees, they make me ill. It seems no matter how many gains you make they never get better and still hurt as much as your first set.

5. What are your long term and short term goals? My long term goals for CF include to continue to improve and become competitive with people my age. My short term goals are to lose some unwanted weight and lean down.

6. What is your proudest accomplishment? #215 clean. Currently that is my weight and it was great to look back at where I started in July of last year when #215 was nowhere near what I thought I could do. Now I feel it is just the start, but it could be #155 snatch for the same reason.

7. What do you love most about Constant Quest? I think it is impossible for me to come up with one thing, I love the atmosphere, the coaches, and the great people that are members. It is all of them combined.

8. What is your favorite cheat meal or snack? I love burgers and fries. Recognizing how bad they are I do not eat them very often, but unfortunately, my 4 yr old can influence me to make bad choices.

9. Tell us something outside of CF that you like to do. Spend time with my kids. Currently living apart from them has been extremely hard on me, so when I have the chance I spend the majority of my free time traveling and hanging out with them (hanging around with them greatly affects my 16 yr old’s life style which works out great for me)

10. What is your favorite music or band? I don’t think I have a favorite band or music, but I love so many different types new to old, country, rock, and pop. I just love music.

11. If you were an animal, what would it be and why? I would be a lion, sleep most of the day, lay in the sun the rest of the time, and still be the king of the jungle.